Replica Breguet Classique Classic Series 9068 Pearl Mother Bell Watch

Classique Classic Series 9068 is a new collection of glossy mother-of-pearl with a clean line that blends into the Breguet style for women's creations.

For the first time, the Classique Classic 9068 watch, created with the natural mother-of-pearl dial, is a classic, reminiscent of the unique style of Breguet watchmaking art. As early as 1775 in Paris, when creating a watchmaking workshop, Abraham-Louis Breguet had put an end to the Baroque style that prevailed at the time, and replaced it with a succinct design. A timepiece creation that marvels and admires the world. The self-contained Breguet style, which emphasizes neoclassical design while providing excellent and reliable mechanical performance, is favored by distinguished patrons, including Marie-Antoinette, the French king. Queen Joseph (Joséphine), Marie-Louise and Duchess of Wellington. Adhering to the classic minimalist collection of Classique, the new watch features a white mother-of-pearl dial with a delicate rose gold or white gold case. In order to make the work even more dazzling, the gold bezel and lugs are also set with 88 brilliant cut diamonds. This watch is equipped with an automatic movement created by the Breguet watch factory. It is naturally rhythmic with time and features a concise and practical core function: the central seconds hand and the date window at 3 o'clock.

In 1775, a young Swiss watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet,replica rolex set up his own watchmaking workshop after he moved to Paris to choose Quai de l’Horloge. The workshop is located in the golden area of ​​the industrial area of ​​the West Bank of Paris, where the silverware, dials, hands and case workshops are row upon row. The excellent environmental conditions make it an ideal place for Mr. Bao Yi to develop the skills of the table; and Paris The City of Light has become a stage for him to make the most of his watchmaking talents. Today, we can still see the footprints of Mr. Bao Zheng and his descendants in the many classic landmarks of Paris. For example, Rue Breguet is named after Mr. Breguet's surname, paying tribute to his extraordinary watchmaking talent; the name of "Bao Bao" and the names of many outstanding representatives are engraved on the Eiffel Tower. In addition, many of the classic masterpieces created by Breguet are at the Breguet Museum in Place Vendôme, the Musée des Arts et Métiers, and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Both the Louvre and the Louvre are on display to give the public a glimpse of the treasures.

Currently, a small two-question timepiece numbered No. 3023 is on display at the Louvre, which was purchased by the Duchess of Wellington in 1817. After two centuries, its classic design style still brings endless inspiration to the creation of the Breguet Classique classic collection. For example, in order to improve the legibility of time, Abraham-Louis Breguet designed a slender tip-shaped hollow pointer in 1783. The Breguet Classique Classic Series 9068 is equipped with this iconic Breguet Pointer, which is available in blue or rose gold on dials of different materials. In pursuit of maximum time legibility, the Breguet Classique classic series adopts the Roman numeral time scale, and the edge of the scale ring is decorated with the unique engraving technique of Breguet. This ingenious modification can clearly distinguish the time. Standard area. In addition, the dial is also marked with the Breguet signature and the watch number. The name of the treasurer's patrons can be registered with the watch information into the Baodi historical archives. This file has been continuously treasured since 1780 and has been updated to this day.